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God's Church in the World

God's Church in the World: The Gift of Catholic Mission presents a confident and joyful assertion of the Catholic character of Christian mission and its sacramental nature, exploring the transforming role the Catholic tradition can play in evangelism. A range of outstanding contributors explore the gifts that the Catholic tradition - formed by a conviction that the presence of Christ in the Eucharist intensifies and motivates an awareness of the sacramental presence of Christ in the world - can bring to the church's engagement with the world. The contributors represent the breadth of Catholic traditions and identities in the Church of England today. 

Chapters include:

  •  Mission and the Life of Prayer
  •  Mission and the Sacraments
  •  Catholic Mission in Practice
  •  The Virgin Mary and Mission
  •  Vocation and Mission
  •  The Sacraments as Converting Ordinances
  •  Social Justice and Growth in Anglo-Catholic Churches
  •  Reflections on Scripture and Catholic Mission
  •  Catholic Mission: Historical Perspectives
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