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Greeting Card - Richeldis Icon

The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus. It is a Holy site for Christians who have been coming to Walsingham to honour the Our Lady for nearly one thousand years.

Traditon has it that in 1061, the Blessed Virgin appeared in a vision to a Saxon noble woman called Richeldis. Our Lady took Richeldis, in spirit, to the house in Nazareth where the Annunciation took place. Mary asked Richeldis to build in Walsingham a replica of the house in Nazareth saying, "All who seek me will find soccour".

This became known as the 'Holy House', and Walsingham as 'England's Nazareth'. For many centuries, pilgrims flocked to this holy site, however, it was destroyed in 1538 on the orders of King Henry VIII. For nearly 400 years pilgrimage to Walsingham ceased until the restoration of the shrine in the early decades of the 20th Century.

The present Shrine Church was built in 1931 on land donated by Sir William Milner after Pilgrimage to the village had been re-established by the then vicar, Fr Alfred Hope Pattern.

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