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In Every Corner Sing: The Diary of a Country Vicar

Written with extraordinary affection, humour and wisdom, this is a classic and timeless account of the realities of parish life today, for both priests and people. Set in rural Dorset, where the author was a parish priest for thirty years, it is at one level a captivating miniature of a local community, full of vivid detail and interest, and peopled with remarkable characters whose varied histories, gifts and abilities are as essential to the work of Christian ministry as the dedicated life of the priest. All of life here - robust, colourful, fallible.

Yet parochial it is not. Here is a candid, non-compromising reflection on the challenges and difficulties that many churches face in the rapidly changing times. The wider world, with its glory and tragedy, is ever present too. Through it all, the basic purpose remains the same, however numerous or insurmountable the problems, which is to help the world in every corner sing.

Already a set text on ministerial training courses, it raises profound questions about the nature of priesthood and the future facing local churches everywhere. There may be no easy answers but the warmth and love that overflow from its pages will make this book an indispensable source of encouragement to all who give of themselves for others.

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