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Let Me Go There: The Spirit of Lent

The bestselling writer Paula Gooder takes us on a journey of exploration into the wilderness for Lent and shows us that while the desert can be a place of fear and desolation, it is also very setting that God may choose to meet us and call us into a new way of being and living.

Let Me Go There reflects on some of the key events in the life of God's people that occurred in the wilderness as a way of preparing us to enter more fully into the experience of Jesus' forty days and nights in the desert at the beginning of his ministry, and to hear afresh the call to the disciples that ensued. In these stories we are given not only a deep understanding of God's nature, but a picture of the character and the cost of discipleship, and a pattern for living as followers of Jesus in today's world.

Arranged as a series in a leading biblical reflections, Let Me Go There invites us to experience Lent not as a season of restriction, but of wide open spaciousness in which to learn new lessons, to grow in faith, and to give God the chance to meet us in new ways.

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