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On the Way to Bethlehem

To encounter Christ at every level of our self-awareness, and allow Him to remould body, mind and soul into his likeness, is a lifetime's journey of epic proportions and a million single steps.

Advent can be the impetus for 'setting forth' on such a journey, if the traveller will step out in mind and heart towards Bethlehem with new eyes, and risk the touch of the living God along the way. This book invites the reader to journey both through the well known Advent Bible passages and through others not normally associated with the season but which shed scriptural, emotional and practical light upon the path.

In a series of daily readings, it offeres to trace a spiritual journey of the mind and heart from home to manger-side. With an itinerary etched by scripture, the reader is the traveller, the destination is of God's choosing, the searcg is for Jesus.

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