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The English Saints: East Anglia

This is essentially a guide book - a travel companion not only to a journey along the highways and byways of East Anglia, but also through time in England's age of saints. Here we meet the men and women of Norfolk, Suffolk and the Fenlands who became 'ikons of Christ' - Felix, Edmund, Furset, Pega, Botolph, the royal saints and many others whose lives left and indelible mark of goodness and shaped the spirituality of a nation.

Based on historical evidence throughout, this attractively illustrated volume delves beyond the romantic and pious legends that obscure their true humanity and introduces us to the saints as they really were. The places associated with their loves are explored, as are the churches and monasteries they founded, the devotion and artistic works they inspired, the sites in their memory that can be visited today and the living legacy of what their lives mean for us today.

This compelling story will connect us with our deepest spiritual roots and our past.

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