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The Old Testament: Pocket Posh King James Puzzles

'The Old Testament' is part of the 'Pocket Posh's King James Puzzles' series which aims to combine your faith with fun brain teasing activities. This edition is packed full of fun yet testing brainteasers that are designed to make you think about the Old Testament. The puzzles are designed to be fun whilst testing your knowledge of specific aspects of Old Testament scripture.

The 'Old Testament' edition of the King James Puzzles series features tantalising puzzles and mesmerising brainteasers that use Old Testament scripture as a foundation for their content. The book contains a whole range of classic and newly developed activities including word searches and crossword puzzles, all centering upon the topic of the Old Testament.

These irresistible 'Pocket Posh's King James Puzzle' books come in a transportable size, that makes them suitable to carry around with you in a purse, bag or even your pocket.
  • £5.99