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Discovering Church Architecture

In most towns and villages the parish church is the oldest and most interesting building. No two churches are quite alike; each one is a unique work of art, worth visiting for its beauty and character and its fittings as well as for the special atmosphere of peace and holiness that that all churches seem to possess. More people than ever are visiting churches, but they are often baffled by the architectural and technical terms that abound in guidebooks. Where should one look for the reredos or the lucarnes? What is an arcade and why might it be described as Tuscan? What is the purpose of a hagioscope, a rood loft, or a mass dial? What is the difference between a mullion and a transom? This book helps to break down the mystique that surrounds ecclesiastical architecture. It is a dictionary explaining in simple language over 600 terms likely to be encountered on a visit to a church and is illustrated with more than 300 drawings. Used in conjunction with the guidebook it will enable you to see a church through new eyes, to understand where before you would only have looked.

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