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Not Knowing But Still Going

Uncertainty, change and the unexpected – we all struggle with unknowns. So what can we learn from Noah's Ark and the women who entered it? In this inspiring, honest and compelling book, Jocelyn-Anne walks us through the Genesis story, exploring the unprecedented challenges Noah and his family faced. Blending biblical reflections with personal experiences of God's faithfulness in uncertain times, Not Knowing but Still Going considers: How can we progress when we can't feel any movement?

How can we respond to the 'suddenlies' in life?

What can we do with 'the want in the wait'?

Do women have key roles to play?

If you are feeling swamped by a flood of unknowns, Jocelyn-Anne offers profound encouragement to keep going, and to find refuge in the Lord until the way becomes clear.

  • £9.99