• Walking with Jesus The Heart of the Christian Life

Walking with Jesus The Heart of the Christian Life

'Jesus is walking ahead of us. He is always before us. He goes ahead of us and leads the way. This is the source of our confidence and our joy: to be his disciples, to remain with him, to walk behind him, to follow him.' Pope Francis is acclaimed for the humble and simple faith that he has demonstrated in public and private. In this major new book he presents the heart of his approach to living as a Christian: following in the steps of Jesus. The book is divided into three parts: The Gospel of the Way, The Gifts of the Way, the Story of the Way. Francis has spoken and written widely on these themes during his first 18 months as Pope, and his thoughts are here collected for the first time, edited and abridged with full Vatican approval. Like his bestselling The Church of Mercy, this book is aimed at a broad readership of believers and non-believers, priests, religious, dedicated laypeople, and teachers.
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