The Pilgrim’s Place

  • Wheat fields, yelps of glee and gulps of tea

    High distant bird song. Crystal skies. The Walsingham carillon echoing over the village. Some visitors have already arrived and are walking down High Street, staring up at the Abbey entrance, no doubt wondering about its former mysteries and majesty, then pausing to look through dim windows at th... View Post
  • The collaboration that relaunched 1,000 years of tradition

    Something unique in these times came to Walsingham in February this year, for we joined forces with a local company in a way that was innovative and unexpected, yet benefitted all involved, particularly thirsty pilgrims! The Anglican Shrine joined forces with Barsham Brewery (some two villages a... View Post
  • The Walsingham Guide to the Rosary and Shrine Prayers

    Pentecost to Advent At 6.00pm each day (5.00pm Saturday) pilgrims gather in the nave of the Shrine Church, facing the Holy House, to recite the Rosary during which intercessions are offered for people who have requested our prayers. We pray the Rosary quietly and reflectively – do join us on our ... View Post